6 Rules To Help You Manifest the Life You Want

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6 Rules To Help You Manifest the Life You Want

Brooke Site Image 5Whether you want to find that perfect someone, find the next job of your dreams, start your own business or buy your dream home; whatever the vision, there are some simple steps that you can take to manifest whatever it is that your heart desires.



6 Rules To Help You Manifest the Life You Want

    1. Create a clear vision of what you want. As Willy Wonka says, “To achieve it, you must first conceive it.” Know what you want. Keep it clear and simple.

    2. Believe in your Vision with your Whole Heart. Wrap love around your vision. Begin to experience feeling the excitement and joy as if you already have your dream.

    3. Commit to letting go of resistance. As I learned from one of my coaches and mentors, when you really want something, be unreasonable. In other words, let go of your reasons. Reasons are one of many ways that we use to create resistance. Holding on to stories from the past, determining we are too busy, too frustrated, too scared, too tired or basically TOO anything – that keeps you from leaning into the possibility. Share with others. Announce to the world what you are up to. Some would say, nothing is real until it is shared.

    4. Be willing to let go of anything that is not it. This may be the most important rule. You will not meet your soulmate by dating a space filler. You won’t get your dream job by saying yes to the first offer you get. You don’t acquire your dream home by taking the first best deal. Learn to let go and say no.

    5. Take time off the table. Creating timelines is a traditional way to structure a goal. However, this mentality sometimes causes people to give up too early. Conversely, sometimes we manifest much quicker than our timelines suggest. Go with your flow.

    6. Let go of the how. Just like with time, in order to manifest a vision, staying flexible and in possibility allows the spirit of hope and desire to carry you through the journey. Sometimes the way things come to us is unexpected. Be ready to receive.

It has been a privilege to watch my clients cultivate their dreams over and over by becoming disciplined in these simple principles. Feel free to contact me if you feel you need support in manifesting the life you want.

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